Residential Movers

Andy’s Transfer & Storage has been moving families across the United States since 1921. Our team of professionals will guide you and your family through the move process and through every detail. Our personalized approach to moving reflects the person behind every home. Because every customer is different, no two moves are ever the same. If you have a concern, we adopt that concern as our own and begin working toward a solution that is right for you. Our team is dedicated to making sure your move is organized, timely, and most of all safe. Moving is sometimes an overwhelming time and with North American you’ll have our expertise by your side.


At Andy’s Transfer & Storage you have an entire team to support you throughout your move. Our training emphasizes a personalized approach, respect, care, and attention to detail. Every employee is committed to doing whatever it takes to make your move right.

  • Relocation Consultant: As your first point of contact, the Relocation Consultant starts your move off on the right foot. They will assess your needs and share them with your Andy’s Transfer & Storage team. They will provide you with a customized plan, which includes the estimate, packing tips, and an explanation of the moving process.
  • Move Coordinator: With all the details that go into moving it is reassuring to have someone that’s on top of it all. At Andy’s Transfer & Storage that person is your Move Coordinator. You have a question? Your Move Coordinator has an answer.
  • Packer: Personal service and can-do attitude are the mark of every Packer at North American. Our Packers understand that no one knows your possessions better than you, and they encourage your involvement.
  • Driver: Our fully-trained Drivers are dependable and safe. We have a professional driver development program that puts northAmerican drivers through a detailed qualification process, including hands-on safety and customer service training. Our Drivers are respectful of both you and your possessions.