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Storage Solutions for Andy's Transfer and Storage in Glendale, CA

Storage Services in Glendale, CA

Andy’s Transfer & Storage provides two kinds of storage: Permanent and Storage In Transit (SIT).  If your new home isn’t ready when you move, you’ll need Storage In Transit. SIT shipments will be carefully handled, and located where they’ll be available for reloading and delivery on a moment’s notice.

The same careful handling is given to shipments needing longer term, or Permanent Storage. Extra safeguards are provided as required by the length of time in storage. Rates for Permanent Storage and Storage In Transit are different. Charges are made from warehousing, and for warehouse handling. These charges are competitive rates figured on the basics of hundredweights.

Warehousing Services

You want to feel secure about where your goods will be stored. As your North American agent, we invite you to inspect our warehouse facilities.  You’ll find a modern warehouse. It’s clean, high and dry. It’s well ventilated to protect your goods against humidity or temperature damage.

Your shipment will be stored with care, in an orderly fashion. Our storage information system tells us where your shipment is located. If you ever have a need to find and retrieve a particular item, we’ll usually be able to find it easily.  We want you to know about and understand everything about our storage services in Glendale California facilities and services. Please feel free to ask for an inspection tour of our warehouse, and a complete explanation of all charges.

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