Packing and Moving Services in Eagle Rock, CA

Ranked Among the Best Packing and Moving Services in Eagle Rock, CA & Surrounding AreasPacking and Moving Services in Eagle Rock, CA

Located to the northeast of downtown Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, CA, has a unique vibe. Mixed in with a residential population of just under 37,000 are cool coffee houses, vintage clothing stores, authentic Italian restaurants, small diners with Southern-inspired dishes, several craft beer hot spots, and even a small liberal arts college. While still relatively small, Eagle Rock appeals more and more to companies that appreciate a free-spirited type of city.

Although you’ll find several packing and moving services in this area, at Andy’s Transfer & Storage our professional movers take pride in doing things our way. That includes treating you and your staff with the utmost respect, patiently answering as many questions as you want to ask, and customizing a solution that’s perfect for your specific needs.


Proud Agent of North American Van Lines

Another advantage that we have over other packing and moving services is the fact that we serve as an agent of North American Van Lines, the largest and most respected of all moving companies. That partnership gives us immediate access to a wealth of resources, including specialized trucks for transportation, extra manpower, state-of-the-art equipment, and much more. For you as the customer, that means receiving the same superior caliber of service throughout the entire move.

At Andy’s Transfer & Storage, we understand how challenging relocations are, which is why we devise a plan that streamlines every aspect of the process. As one of the top relocation companies serving Eagle Rock, we include a lot in our relocation packages. If your employees need assistance in finding temporary or permanent housing, we have a perfect solution. We’ll also handle all the packing and unpacking to eliminate unnecessary stress.

We can even provide a how-to guide to keep your employees on track before the scheduled move. If anyone relocating needs information about the new city, state, or country, such as the best restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, dry cleaners, nail salons, and so on, we can assist with that as well. Our goal is to make all packing and moving services easy for the customer.


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When it comes to packing and moving services that serve customers in and around Eagle Rock, CA, you can always count on us at Andy’s Transfer & Storage. We value our customers, which shows in the quality of service we provide. Contact us today to see how we can help you get where you need to go!