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People move to Hollywood, CA all the time. The call of the silver screen, the history of the location and the glamor of living close to where the action is are all great reasons to make that big leap. No matter your reasons for moving, Andy’s Transfer & Storage can help you get there.

Moving is expensive, a drain on both your wallet and your time. Utilizing Hollywood movers to make it easier can save you some of both. Plus, you’ll get the added peace that comes from knowing all your things are being taken care of and handled by professionals.


Moving and Storage Services in Hollywood, CA

Our Hollywood movers offer flexible packages based on the individual needs of your move. If you just need transportation or just help with getting set up, we can find a package that works for you based on the needs of your move.

Here’s some of the services that our Hollywood movers specialize in:

  • Packing: Nothing makes a move go easier than having everything properly packed. We’ll pack up all of your belongings with care, specially wrapping breakable items to withstand the journey while also clearly labeling every box.
  • Transportation: Our movers will carefully transport your items, using our years of expertise to make sure everything arrives safe and in one piece.
  • Set Up: Sometimes the hardest part of moving is after the physical move. We’ll stay with you, helping unpack, arrange furniture and make sure your new house feels like home.

As a leader among moving companies in Hollywood, CA, Andy’s Transfer & Storage offers safe and secure storage solutions for if you need to temporarily keep any of your belongings in storage. Whether it’s because of the new apartment not being quite ready or the need to deep clean or paint everything, our storage solutions can help you before and after your move.


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