Professional Movers in Van Nuys, CA

Professional Movers Serving Customers in Van Nuys, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Are you stressing because you waited until the last minute to find professional movers for your upcoming relocation? Put your concerns aside by contacting Andy’s Transfer & Storage. Our nearly 100 years in operation plus positive customer feedback and comments posted on consumer websites speaks volumes as to what you can expect from us. We take a great deal of pride in customizing solutions on a customer-by-customer basis. Since no two moves are the same, we devise a plan according to your specific needs. After speaking with one of our company representatives, we will present you with a quote for a tailored solution at a price you can afford.

At Andy’s Transfer & Storage, we have an abundance of add-on services that are also competitively priced. Our team of professional movers can assist with packing all your possessions, delivering them to your new address, unpacking them, and putting everything in its proper place under your guidance. We help with personal and business vehicle and equipment transport, furniture disassembly and reassembly, moving extra-large items, and more.


Moving and Storage Services

One of the unique aspects of Andy’s Transfer & Storage is our professional movers are company employees, not seasonal or temporary workers. We ensure they have cutting-edge equipment and tools along with extensive training to help them perform their work optimally. As members of our company, our movers have a much higher level of dedication, always striving to surpass expectations.

Another advantage to hiring us over another moving company is as an agent of North American Van Lines, our professional movers who handle long-distance and international relocations possess extraordinary qualifications. That means you receive excellent help at both residential or business addresses. Along with a clean and secure storage facility in the Los Angeles area, this partnership allows us to coordinate units on behalf of our customers virtually anywhere.

For international moves, we have experts at Andy’s Transfer & Storage who take care of logistics and third-party warehousing. Relocating overseas requires more attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of customs and foreign laws. No matter where you plan to move, we will handle all the logistics so you can relax.


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For any move, regardless of type or size, we are the most trusted moving company in and around the Los Angeles area. For more information or for an accurate quote, we invite you to contact us. Even for last-minute scheduling, we can coordinate a customized solution that streamlines your overall moving process.