Andy’s History 2000 – present


2000: As revenues and service grow, Andy’s updates local fleet and adds an additional 6,000 square feet for vaulted storage. Further expansion of non- traditional servicing of high value products planned and implemented. This product line becomes the fastest growing of all Andy’s services.


2001: Andy’s expands office and industrial moving services. Operations department is fully computerized and off site operation departments are established at major client’s facilities providing on-site, on demand services.


2002: The purchase of quick response “hot-shot” office moving trucks allows Andy’s to provide quicker service to office moving clients. All are fully equipped and staffed to handle small on and off site moves more expediently than our competitors. Expansion of office and industrial division continues with several near major clients. Ralph Myers, past Chairman of the California Moving & Storage Association and noted moving industry executive joins Andy’s sales team.


2003: Quality is again stressed with Andy’s receiving “Excellent” ratings for all for quarters by our customer when surveyed by Telesite, an independent third party firm.


2004: Joe Kroening, President of Andy’s, named “Man of the Year” by the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce for his commitment and support to the Crescenta Valley community. Quality continues with all four quarters rated “Excellent” by our customers. Two long haul drivers achieve Vanguard status. Less than five percent of all nationwide North American drivers earn this distinction.


2005: Andy’s receives “Excellent” rating once again from our customers in all four quarters. Andy’s earns the “Four Star” award for the third consecutive year. The Four Star award is given to NAVL agents who maintain an “Excellent” rating from their customers for all four quarters in a given year. Andy’s is one of forty agents to earn this honor for three consecutive years. Jill (Kroening) Longo elected Chairman of the California Moving and Storage Association, our state trade association, leading the largest state moving trade group in the country. She represents over 500 California members dealing with government regulators and the media daily.


2006: Patrick Longo begins management apprenticeship with the goal of assuming all managing duties, and building on Andy’s quality and services. Andy’s earns the “Customer Choice Quality Award,” placing first above NAVL agents, and receives awards at North American Van Lines’ annual meeting.


2007: Andy’s again earns the “Customer Choice Quality Award.” Patrick Longo represents the company at the annual convention in Jacksonville, Florida to collect the award. Jill Longo begins her term as a member of the Board of Directors for NAMA, North American Movers Association. Jill continues to serve as a member of the NAMA Quality Committee and chair of the Core Agent Committee.


2008: Andy’s is honored to win the inaugural Pinnacle Award from the CMSA. This award recognizes excellence in Marketing, Sales, Quality and Employees. Patrick Longo begins his first term as Greater Los Angeles Chapter President for CMSA. Jill continues to serve on the Board of Directors for NAMA and the NAVL Quality Committee.


2009: Patrick wins Chapter of the Year for the Greater L.A. Chapter at the CMSA Convention to Lihue, Hawaii. Andy’s also wins Agent Quality Award from NAVL.


2010: Patrick continues to serve as Chapter President for CMSA, and is selected to serve on the CMSA Board of Directors. Patrick also serves on the CMSA Military and Membership committees. Andy’s becomes Military Approved, and also again, wins Agent Quality Award from NAVL. 2011: Andy’s celebrates our 90th Anniversary in business. At this time, we give great thanks to our excellent employees who have helped our company achieve longevity, and our loyal customers who keep us in business with their moves and referrals.


2012: Patrick Longo elected to become President of the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce, and is also honored as Business Man of the Year by the Chamber. Patrick continues to serve on the CMSA Board of Directors.


2015: Andy’s wins First Place in Hauling and Overall Quality Excellence Awards for 2014 at North American Convention. Patrick Longo is elected Chairman of the California Moving and Storage Association. This is our state wide trade association, leading the largest state moving trade group in the country. He will represent over 600 California members dealing with government regulations and the media daily.